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page 41-and yet another hiatus
page 41-and yet another hiatus

In the land of Jhoto Pokemon are used strictly for companions and pets, battling them is illegal, punishable by law. Therefore only done in the shady underground domains, where the criminals make the law and battles are to the death. Morty is an (unknown to him) sleeper agent, who is sent to Jhoto to overthrow the government (Elite four) with the help of the professors (elm and oak), detective tough, and candyass. But to prove his worth he must first fight his way up through the most powerful crime syndicates (Gym leaders) in the region, all while Team Rocket an undercover government agency and a mysterious boy who rivals his every move try to stop him from completing his mission. What's in store for Morty's epic adventure. -- Updates on Thursdays, but sometimes a week or two might be skipped ;D AKG draws, Serenity writes.


August 8th, 2012, 11:38 pm


No new post this week!

Sorry guys! There won't be a post this week due to a busy schedule and some conflicts with our crappy script XD haha, we should be back and running next week, though! :)
(I am really sorry about this, though </3)


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